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Terms & Conditions

Applied Product:

This event is only for FPG, FX pairs, Gold, Silver, Oil products. Index, commodities and Cryptos are not applicable.

Promotion Period:

From 00:00 01.10.2023 to 23:59 31.12.2023 (based on MT4 time)

Applicable Regions:



This activity is only applicable to designated clients. New account or same name account open during promotion period. Only 1 credit bonus valid per MT4 account

Terms and Conditions:

  • Client needs to open live trading account(s) or additional same name trading account(s) of FPG successfully during promotion period. Only First Time Deposit (FTD) and not less than 500 USD can enjoy 20% bonus. Maximum of bonus is 10000 USD. For example: If a client deposits 1000 USD, the client will get 1000*20%= 200 USD as welcome bonus.
  • For qualified client, welcome bonus will be credited into the trading account as a form of credit automatically.
  • Within 60 calendar days of first deposit, client needs to complete the required trading lots. The required trading lots: first deposit*20%*0.2. When complete trading lots requirement, the credit in bonus can be withdrawed or used for trading. Bonus in the form of credit is not withdrawable before completing trading lots. For Example: Deposit 1000 USD on November 2nd,2022, and get 200 USD bonus in credit within same day. The client needs to complete 1000*20%*0.2=40 trading lots before December 2nd,2022 This promotion is not applicable to CENT account.
  • Only closed positions will be calculated. Open positions will not be calculated.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional privileges.
  • Trading accounts under the same name can participate in the promotion, and each account with the same name independently calculates the bonus and the volume of trading lots. Fund transfers between accounts with the same name are not included in the bonus promotion. If you withdraw funds or transfer funds from your account to another account with the same name, the system will proportionally deduct the bonus that has been issued to the account.
  • During the promotion period, if you make a transaction or withdrawal application, the bonus you received with your deposit will be deducted from your account. The amount of deducted be based on the amount of transaction or withdrawal amount*0.3 and the bonus you received with deducted until the bonus returns to zero. For example, if you deposited 1000 USD, you will receive 200 USD bonus and the required trading volume is 40 lots (200*0.2). If clients make a withdrawal of 500 USD, (500*0.3=)150USD of bonus will be deducted from your account. The required trading volumes still be 40 lots, the left bonus can be transfer to balance or withdrawn when you finished the left trading volumes.
  • Bonus can be used to hedge losses. Bonus can be trade even when client stop out.
  • Clients have the full obligation to keep a sufficient margin level within promotion period. Withdrawal or bonus cancellation might result in lower margin for your positions and might cause liquidation due to insufficient margin. Client should carefully consider the risk tolerance level and financial situation prior making any withdrawal request.
  • Client needs to complete trading lots requirement within 60 calendar days after first deposit. If the client cannot meet requirement, the issued bonus will be deducted from trading account at last day of trading period. Client has the obligation to keep margin in a safe level if there are open positions.
  • During the event, any breach of these Terms and Conditions of the Event such as using the same IP address for trading at the same time, conducting unauthorized, misconduct, fraudulent or other improper usage such as arbitrage, scalping, high-frequency trading, latency arbitrage and malicious hedging with multiple accounts (including but not limited to FPG internal accounts, but also between accounts of different brokers) etc. FPG has the right to decline participation, immediately cancel one’s qualification, deduct improper profits and terminate the partnership with clients. Any termination of the partnership (disqualification of events, deduction of improper profits, etc.) caused by improper trading shall be borne by traders themselves. FPG has sole discretion to determine the trading methods. In addition, for the protection of client’s right and privacy, FPG may not be able to provide relevant proof. Clients participating in this event are regarded as fully understand and accept the above content. If clients are judged to have improper trading behavior, they have no right to post malicious comments or words that would damage FPG’s reputation on any social media or channels; otherwise, one should bear legal responsibilities.
  • FPG reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.
  • If credit balance is used when opening a position, trading volumes from those trades will solely be used for bonus calculation purpose.
  • Positions must be held for at least 10 minutes.

Risk Warning:

The purpose of the bonus is set to increase in profits instead of credit loan, thus clients should always be aware of its actual margin amount at any time. When the actual available margin in your account is insufficient, you shall add more margin in time to avoid automatic position closure to your account. Accordingly, please note that FPG will not be responsible for any risks emitted from the above mentioned.

FPG provides leveraged derivative products including forex and CFD. Please note that leveraged products may NOT be suitable for all investors since these carry high level of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose more than your net deposit. It is your responsibility to fully understand that when trading on a margin or leverage basis, your capital is at risk, and carefully consider your investment objectives, trading knowledge, experience, and affordability. Please do not trade if you are unable to afford the loss that the trading may bring. It is recommended to seek independent and professional suggestions if you have any questions or concerns about the products FPG provides.

Please note that FPG Capital do NOT intervene or take responsibility for the loss caused by following trading advice or copy trades.

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