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Asia-Pacific markets began the week with a cautious tone. Investors are focusing on upcoming economic data releases and central bank decisions in the region, which have the potential to influence market sentiment and trading strategies.

China, for instance, is scheduled to unveil its third-quarter GDP numbers, with economists anticipating a year-on-year expansion of 4.4%. This marks a decrease from the previous quarter’s 6.3% growth.

Japan is expected to release its September inflation data, which is of particular interest ahead of the central bank’s monetary policy meeting at the end of October.

In South Korea, the central bank is set to announce its rate decision. The Bank of Korea has maintained steady rates for five consecutive meetings, with the current rate standing at 3.5%.

These developments in the region have the potential to impact both regional and global markets, as they provide insights into economic health and future policy directions. Traders and investors are closely monitoring these events for clues about market dynamics.


Stocks closed on a positive note on Monday as investors anticipated a wave of corporate earnings reports. They also appeared to overlook a rise in Treasury yields. Here are some key highlights:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 314.25 points, or 0.93%, closing at 33,984.54. This was its strongest performance since September.

The S&P 500 gained 1.06%, ending the day at 4,373.63. The Nasdaq Composite increased by 1.2% to close at 13,567.98.

Nike and Travelers Companies were among the Dow leaders, with both showing gains of approximately 2.1%. All 11 sectors in the S&P 500 traded higher during the session.

This week, the earnings season is in full swing, with approximately 11% of S&P 500 companies set to report their results. Notable companies include Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Netflix and Tesla.

Earnings reports often have a significant impact on market sentiment, making this a crucial time for investors and traders. The positive performance despite rising Treasury yields suggests that traders are focusing on earnings expectations.


Certainly, here’s the information presented without bullet points:

On Monday, oil futures declined due to two key factors. Firstly, reports suggested that the U.S. was nearing a deal to ease sanctions on Venezuela contingent upon the establishment of a presidential election date in that country. This development contributed to the drop in oil prices. Secondly, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas did not appear to have an immediate impact on crude supplies.

Brent futures fell by 0.96%, or 87 cents, closing at $90.02 per barrel.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude decreased by 0.74%, or 65 cents, ending at $87.04 per barrel.

In the gold market, prices experienced fluctuations on Monday. Spot gold declined by 0.67% to reach $1,918.79 per ounce after reaching its highest point since September 20 in the previous session. U.S. gold futures also decreased by 0.49%, settling at $1,932.00 per ounce. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is causing investors to remain cautious and keep gold as a preferred safe-haven asset.

The above analysis is only for the views of market researchers and is for reference only and is not regarded as a specific investment suggestion.

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