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Terms & Conditions

Participation conditions:

During the promotion period, you can enjoy this promotion after withdrawing funds from other platforms and successfully transferring to FPG Fortune Prime Global trading account. This promotion is only available to FPG Fortune Prime Global customers who successfully transfer to FPG Fortune Prime Global trading account for the first time. (Each customer has only one opportunity to join this event)

Details of the 1% exchange rate subsidy event:

  • When the customer successfully withdraws funds from other platforms, FIRST TIME successfully deposit funds to FPG Fortune Prime Global, and then FPG Fortune Prime Global will give a 1% subsidy of the exchange rate difference;
  •  The 1% subsidy is only available for deposit methods through CRM payment channels, and deposits such as e-wallets (such as USDT, etc.).
  • For example, when the client withdraws 1000 USD from platform A and provides the proof, and deposit 5000 USD to FPG Fortune Prime Global trading account, FPG Fortune Prime Global will give a subsidy of 1000 * 1% = 10 USD;
  • For example, when a client withdraws 1000 USD from Platform A and provides a proof, and deposit 500 USD to FPG Fortune Prime Global trading account, FPG Fortune Prime Global will give a subsidy of 500 * 1% = 5 USD;
  • Customers need to send an email to [email protected] to apply for participation in the event, and attach the withdrawal proof from other platforms; • If the customer participating in the event uses any illegal trading methods, such as high- frequency trading, arbitrage, malicious cross-platform hedging, delayed arbitrage trading and other improper trading methods, FPG has the right to terminate the assessment and confiscate all improper profits;
  • Any disqualification (including confiscation of unfair profits) due to illegal trading methods will be borne by the offending trader, and the criteria for determining the trading method shall be determined by FPG Fortune Prime Global in its sole discretion;
  • Customers who apply to participate in this promotion are deemed to have known and agreed to the terms and conditions of the promotion and have no right to publish malicious text on any social media and channels that is harmful to FPG Fortune Prime Global’s reputation and will bear the corresponding legal responsibilities if discovered;
  • The Company reserves the right to withdraw such approval at any time and at its sole and absolute discretion if deemed necessary.
  • This promotion will be open to STD Standard accounts and ECN low spread accounts at the same time;

FPG Promotion Terms and Conditions

Bonus Credit

  1. Fortune Prime Global (FPG), as a trading name of Fortune Prime Limited, company number 700507, VFSC 700507 (registered address: Govant Building, PO Box 1276, Port Vila, Vanuatu), is offering new clients a deposit bonus during the promotional period fromthe 01/07/2023 to 30/09/2023, or until the first 100 accounts have been taken.

  2. This bonus campaign is only available for specific clients. The following terms and conditions will have the same legal validity as commercial terms. If you choose to participate in this activity, FPG will consider that you have fully understood and agreed with the terms and conditions of this promotional campaign without any objection.

  3. Bonus Credit Promotion effectivity: Starting 1st July, 2023.

  4. Initial margin Deposit of $200-$499, the trading bonus would be $100 and amount above $500 (maximum of $500 margin deposit ), trading bonus will be $500.

  5. If the Equity is less or equal than 120% of the credit amount, the credit bonus will be credited out anytime. The Client has full responsibility if the position is stop out due to credit.

  6. If the client applies to withdraw the margin deposit amount, FPG will remove the bonus.

  7. The credit expires after the 60 calendar days leeway to trade. The 60 days leeway starts upon placing the margin deposit. FPG reserves the right to revoke the credit when it expires.

  8. If the customer is found to be engaged in fraudulent activities, FPG reserves the right to control the Client’s funds, including but not limited to (i) retaining, cancelling or deducting the bonus from the Client’s account, (ii) terminating the use of FPG services by the Customer, and terminating the Client Services Agreement; (iii) closing the Client’s account, any unused balance (less the credit and any additional costs) will be returned tothe Customer’s bank account.

  9. FPG reserves the right to unilaterally modify or terminate this offer or any of its terms andconditions at any time without the Client’s consent.

  10. FPG has the right to determine the granting of the credit based on the individual circumstances of the Client. All amounts are based on the currency of the Client’s account.

  11. FPG reserves the right to approve all clients’ eligibility for the credit. FPG retains the final determination and interpretation rights.

  12. At all times, please refer to the relevant legal documents of FPG (which can be found on our website www.fortuneprimeglobal.com).

  13. Residents of Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Iran, Iraq are ineligible to enter the promotion and any other countries prohibited by regulation.

  14. Clients who deposit their funds in the Credit Bonus Promotion account and wish to request a withdrawal may do so but will forfeit the bonus component funded by FPG.

    FPG maintains the right to change the terms of promotion at any time. All changes will be considered retroactive and applicable to any previously applied prizes. Notices will be given to clients via posting on the website or email. FPG will not be held responsible for failure on the part of the client to regularly review and confirm posted terms and conditions. FPG reserves the right to deny any bonus or reward based on its sole discretion and without notice

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